Librarians as Learning Specialists

The Teacher-Librarian team at College Community is reading Allison Zmuda and Violet H. Harada’s Librarians as Learning Specialists: Meeting the Learning Imperative for the 21st Century. Libraries Unlimited, 2008.  We’re a few chapters into this book but the impact has already been significant.  This reading is intended to help us reflect on our practice and look for areas of improvement.

  Two key elements are part of this work:

  • protocols that lead to shared understandings such as Three Levels of Text from the National School Reform Faculty.
  • based on our structured conversations using the protocol we identify clear goals for improving our practice, share the goal, and report back on progress.

For a snapshot of Zmuda and Harada’s thinking this article from SLM is a great place to begin:

Now you take a turn.  Find a peer, read the article, use the protocol, improve practice, share.  Can’t find anyone to read and reflect with in your network? Let me know, I’ll join you.

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